Fly Tipping

Fly Tipping in Parish Council Areas 

Fly tipping is an illegal activity. Anyone caught fly tipping can be given a maximum penalty of £50,000 fine and/or 5 years imprisonment. The removal and disposal of fly tips is the responsibility of the person who owns the land and Herefordshire Council can give advice on how best to dispose of fly tips. If a fly tip is seen the following action should take place:

If you spot someone fly-tipping

  • Make a note of any vehicle used, including model, colour and registration number. If it is safe to do so without being seen, take a photograph or video of the activity
  • Note the fly tippers’ clothes, and distinguishing features. If you can hear the fly tippers, take note of anything which was said along with the speakers’ accents
  • Make a note of what they dumped, the location, weather conditions and how far away you were at the time.
  • Use Herefordshire Council’s online form to report it:

If you see a fly tip and have not seen the person who has put it there

Fly tipped waste must be collected and disposed of in accordance with the law therefore it is always best to report fly tips to the council so that they can advise accordingly on the correct disposal of the waste. Please note that Herefordshire Council are only responsible for the clearance of waste from public land.

Anyone carrying waste which does not belong to them must be a registered waste carrier and hold a licence to do this. They must also have a legal arrangement in place to dispose of the waste they have collected which in most cases will have to be paid for as commercial waste.

Herefordshire Council Household Recycling Centres can not be used by lengthsman or parish councils to dispose of any waste, these facilities are for householders only to dispose of waste generated by them at the own domestic premises. If they have any waste for disposal, Lengthsman and parish councils should contact BBLP to ensure the correct method of disposal.

Local litter picks – what should happen with the waste?

·         BBLP can arrange to collect your litter, so it doesn’t go into household bins.

·         To get a litter pick pack or arrange a collection of litter picked waste, call 01432 261800. Please give as much notice as you can of the litter pick so that BBLP have plenty of time to organise the collection.

All litter and fly tips should be reported to BBLP to ensure that the correct duty of care is followed for the collection and disposal of this waste.